Don and Karen
don and Karen

About Us

Inspiring God's sent ones to thrive and stay on task
in their cross-cultural mission.
Don and Karen
Pastoral Coach to men and women in difficult places
We're Don and Karen. We loved living in the Middle East. But there was a lot of turmoil. Many of our cross-cultural friends were discouraged and distracted. For some reason, they came to us for encouragement and hope.

We sensed that God was directing us to do something about that. So we decided to serve them full-time.

Don comes alongside field leaders and team members to help them thrive in their faith and stay effective in their calling. He meets regularly online with them or visits them on the field.

He also trains on fruitful practices of ministry; life development; and building healthy teams.

Karen is an equal partner in our work. She developed a language learning program, "Street Ready in 10 Weeks." She taught over 300 workers in this method. In recent years, Karen's health has forced her to support our work from behind the scenes.

Our Role

What we do and how we do it
Few 'sent ones' go where the church does not yet exist. We help them to stay faithful and fruitful as they invite others to follow Jesus.
We admire those men and women who accept God's call to cross borders and cultures so they can invite others to follow Jesus. But they face many challenges: stress; distractions; discouragement.

As a Pastoral Coach, Don works with field leaders and team members to help them stay faithful and fruitful. For security reasons, we can't publish the name of our agency or the countries we work in.
Beyond Ministry
When we take a break, we enjoy visiting Karen's family cabin on the Oregon Coast. We LOVE spending time with our family. We cherish every moment we spend with our adult children and 7 grandchildren. We adore Riley, our faithful dog. And spending holidays with our friends.
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Help us keep God's frontline workers thriving and effective!
You can impact thousands from Casablanca to Calcutta with the gospel. Your support helps God's 'sent ones' to thrive in their pursuit as they invite others to follow Jesus.