Don and Karen
Don and Karen, bringing hope to North Africa and the Middle East

We encourage, educate, and empower God's sent ones to grow from surviving to thriving as they invite their international friends to follow Jesus.


Why Send Workers to Other Cultures?

'Sent ones' who live in other cultures are amazing people. But they face difficult challenges. It's hard to live in a wildly difficult place. Let alone figure out how to eat, shake hands, and tell Jesus stories. And they face the constant threat of losing their visa because of the great work they do. The harsh reality is they get distracted, discouraged, and dismayed.

For every 10 'sent ones' that go to the field, 8 more come home. That's wrong!

Those that Jesus sent out will stay longer when someone comes alongside them to train and inspire them to stay focused on their calling and be strong in their love for Jesus.

That is our calling. That is what we do.

The crisis in the hardest places on earth

Between Casablanca and Calcutta, 9 of every 10 people do not know Jesus, are the poorest of the poor, and suffer under the thumb of dictatorship or terrorist organizations.

These very same people have never been invited to follow Jesus. And many of them are dying with no hope for eternity.

In such places, you find very few 'sent ones.' You find very few churches.

We are Don and Karen. For the past 27 years, we have invested our lives to bring hope to the hopeless in the world's most difficult places. We believe that "God so loved the world..." also includes those who have never heard of Jesus!

And we can do something about that. As God's frontline servants go to these difficult places, they will invite more people to follow Jesus. And more churches will emerge.

But many of these 'sent ones' are coming home. For every 10 that we send, 8 more come home!

That is why we come alongside these frontline servants. We help them to overcome discouragement and distraction. This encourages them to stay on the field, sharing their vibrant faith.

Because when 'sent ones' stay and share Jesus stories with their neighbors, we multiply those who give their allegiance to Jesus.

We need to keep 'sent ones' in the hardest places of the world. We're called to serve them with your help.

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What Others Are Saying
"Doug and Cami," North Africa
Team Leader Couple
"Don wisely walked us through some difficult chapters in our lives. As a result of his coaching, we are confident leaders on the field!"
Pastor Chris Reed
Christ's Church of Flagstaff
"I have traveled on the field with Don and could not be more impressed with his wisdom, pastoral care, and problem-solving skills. We need more like him!"
Mike Latsko
Speaker and Missions Leader
"The teacher in Don will clarify, the prophetic stir, the apostolic expand, and the pastoral assure that you make it to the end in one piece. By all means, if at all possible, get him on your team."
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Help us keep God's frontline workers thriving and effective!!

You can impact thousands from Casablanca to Calcutta with the gospel. Your support helps 'sent ones' to thrive in their pursuit to invite others to follow Jesus.